Press Release


Press Release

Wave Growth Opens its European Hub in Krakow, Poland

Increasing opportunities in the business services sector in Poland lures International IT Consultancy Company.


Wave Growth is set to add 20 jobs by September 2019 and up to 200 jobs in the next year (by 2020).  

We as international corporate development company have seen tremendous opportunities in the European and Polish Tech sector. Because of this, we will hire a significant number of people in the coming years to join us and kickstart our European Hub in Krakow, Poland.

According to the ABSL (Association of Business Leaders), 2018 report on the Business Services Sector in Poland, more than 1,236 polish and foreign IT, Research & Development, BPO, and SSC services centers had operations in Poland as of the first quarter of 2018 employing a record 279,000 people.

Every year, foreign centers are dominating the new investment category in Poland, accounting for an 86% market share with the largest most popular business service location being Krakow, Wroclaw, and Warsaw. These cities are regarded as Tier 1 in terms of employment in the sector.

During a recent event in which we introduced the company’s expansion, our Chief Executive Officer stated: “Our operation centers operate throughout, 365 days every year. Poland offers the perfect holistic environment for our economic infrastructure and tech-driven workforce to thrive.” Wave Growth is set to contribute to ABSL’s 340,000 expected jobs forecast in the sector by the end of the first quarter in 2020.

The decision for choosing Krakow specifically is because of the city’s favorable position as best city for software development in Europe.


About Wave Growth: What does Wave Growth do?

We empower people who embrace the risks of pursuing an entrepreneurial vision by providing them with the tools necessary to make their dreams a reality.

Any organization interested in exponentially accelerating their business growth can benefit from our process-orientated approach to predictable revenue generation. We can help you navigate through to a complete realization of your vision, with you focusing on your expertise while we accelerate your organic growth.

Wave Growth, an international corporate development firm headquartered in Washington DC, offers end-to-end partnerships to all companies in all sectors, big or small.

Since 2012, we have successfully delivered more than 500,000 hours of work, 100% of the projects were delivered on budget and exceeded client’s expectations while 90% of the projects were delivered on time as contractually guaranteed.

This is all thanks to our proprietary approach: EndPoint Modeling.


Job opportunities at Wave Growth

At Wave Growth we believe the global market enabled us to deliver optimal externally-developed software and improve lives in the process. This belief and the current expansion plan offers job opportunities that Wave Growth is eager to fill.

Working at Wave Growth means access to global connections, a clear mission, and world-class training to guarantee a great start.


Wave Growth’s long-term goals and plans

$1.3 trillion is spent globally every year on software development, 70% is characterized as failure. Meaning projects not meeting their key success criteria, going over timeline, over budget, and the end product not meeting client’s expectations. Wave Growth was founded specifically to eliminate that waste.

Our long-term goal is to service all other industries that struggle with expanding their business development and enable them to grow and unleash their full potential.


Job offers

Currently we have multiple full-time openings for willing candidates. The job offers are posted on the company’s official website. Check our job offers here.

You can write to Wave Growth info@wave-growth.com or call (202) 756-1108 to get more info on job offers or how you can accelerate your company’s growth.

Wave Growth global headquarters: 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 300, Washington DC

European Hub: Krakow. +48 531 016 020

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