Suleman Siddiqui

CEO @ Wave Growth

Suleman Siddiqui

CEO @ Wave Growth

Standout Startups: The Brilliance of StethoMe®

Standout Startups: The Brilliance of StethoMe®

On June 6th 2019, the first-ever medical CE certification for AI algorithms was granted to a Polish startup company from Poznan. StethoMe® has broken new ground as the developers of an electronic stethoscope app that can detect possible lung or heart problems in sick children, winning multiple start-up awards across Europe, and raising the bar in the exciting new field of telemedicine.

For the past few years, the innovations in telemedicine have been mainly focused on implementing networks that connect patients with doctors in a video conference setting. Through video contact, patients describe their symptoms and receive prompt medical advice from a practicing physician.

Obviously, this is invaluable technology, providing quick and easy access to medical consultation for patients who may not be able to wait for their family physician to be available, or want to avoid an unnecessary trip to the hospital, or for patients who live in extreme rural environments where seeing a doctor is not always practical.

In addition to the development of video consultation networks, there are a growing number of devices (wearables and gadgets that allow for patient monitoring at home) that can assist in the process of medical teleconferencing.

So far, however, developers have been slow to pair those devices with the powerful AI capability often seen in other technology sectors. With the introduction and certification of StethoMe®, Polish innovators are now showing us how it’s done.

The StethoMe® system consists of a small electronic stethoscope unit that can be pressed against a child’s back or chest. This glowing instrument then records auscultation sounds with fidelity levels much higher than traditional stethoscopes and allows worried parents to send these acoustic samples to a physician via their mobile device.

The physician then has access to a spectrogram that allows them to quickly diagnose common pathologies. The AI assists in this process by detecting and identifying abnormal sounds.

No more wasted 2 am trips to the Urgent Care. No more waiting for hours, just to find out that everything is okay and there’s no need to panic. With StethoMe®, the determination of who needs to go to the hospital and who needs to stay in bed simply requires the application of a shiny new piece of tech and a recording sent to the family physician or her on-call.

In a recent interview with European Business, one of StethoMe®’s founders, Wojciech Radomski, was quoted regarding his mission.

Our objective is to make it easier for parents to consult a physician by sending recorded sounds to a doctor of their choosing, who can play them back and receive a detailed analysis of them. Through this, we want to help physicians and parents eliminate unnecessary doctor’s visits and speed up those that are indeed necessary.

It’s a brilliant invention, but it didn’t find its success on its own. StethoMe® has raised 4.2 million dollars in 3 funding rounds since 2015.

They now employ a sophisticated media team, maintain trust with 5 major investors, and coordinate with 8 cooperative partners. In addition to the CE certification, they’ve won six major European awards that have risen their ambitious profile to the top.

None of that was an accident; it was the product of hard work, intelligent strategy, a talented team and a skilled approach to networking and growth. There are thousands of good ideas being pitched right now that will never make it past the initial funding stage. Success is not guaranteed.

Genius is not enough. Talent is not enough. The right team. The right experience. At the right time. That is what it takes to rise above the good ideas and become an outstanding success story.

Does your idea have the right team behind it? Do you have the resources you need to bring that glowing future of possibility into the present?

Drop your thoughts in the comments and let us know. We love hearing from you.

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