Wave Growth 

Press Release

Wave Growth 

Press Release

Meet Our Employees – Robert Adams

Before Wave Growth I worked for 15 years in the hotel and catering industry in various places such as the French Alps, Spain, Greece and finally ending up back in the UK as a wedding coordinator in a very quaint country house hotel.

After meeting my Polish wife in the UK I did some thinking and I decided to move to Krakow and leave the UK behind me. I packed just my rucksack and embarked on a brand-new adventure in Krakow. Without any clear goals as to what I was going to do, I knew I wanted to do something different with my people skills.

I spent 12 wonderful years as a business language trainer in Krakow where I helped dozens of organizations and the people that work there to upskill their business communication skills. I have also gained quite a reputation as an engaging and motivating teacher trainer and conference speaker at high profile European teacher training conferences.

That’s when I got a phone call and I was informed that Suleman was interested in getting me on board to sharpen and improve the language skills of his newly established team.

After a great conversation, he offered me a position at WaveGrowth where I could do exactly what I wanted to do. Help people to become better at business communication and enabling them to use those skills on a daily basis.

After spending some time at WaveGrowth I was immediately impressed. My knowledge is valued here and I can see that I’m really making an impact on the work lives of the people here. The satisfaction I get from that cannot be expressed in words.

That’s one of the things that drives me the most to enjoy coming to the office. People come to me with their problems and ask me how they should tackle them. We are asked, if not urged, to come up with creative solutions how to speak to clients without sounding too “salesy”. We are not afraid of testing new things and that makes working here very exciting as no two days are the same.

I don’t have a sales background so the learning curve has been very steep. We approach many of the challenges with a focus on effective communication rather than from a sales perspective. Time and time again we, as a team, overcome the challenges in a unique, constructive, and effective way so that we are able to continuously deliver value to our clients. Knowing that I am enabled by Wave Growth to have such an impact and help people in the process is what motivates me to work here.

I take every opportunity to spend time with my wife and two kids. Although my youngest likes to spend his time in the “Plac Zabaw”, my eldest has a great passion for football and we love playing together.

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